15: ‘We only really notice things when they’re gone’
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For years, more than 30,000 drivers a day rolled by a long row of character homes along Memorial Drive, west of 10 Street N.W., with little thought. When a construction fence surrounded the homes, some Calgarians took note. After a bulldozer destroyed the vacated abodes, all of a sudden, citizens remarked that something was missing from their daily commutes. “We only really notice things when they’re gone,” says Josh Traptow (https://twitter.com/jtraptow?lang=en), the executive director of the Calgary Heritage Authority. On this episode, host Annalise Klingbeil (https://twitter.com/AnnaliseAK) speaks to Traptow about all things heritage, in a city with a reputation for bulldozing its past. “Calgary, especially in the 70s, 80s and 90s tore down, really, a lot of amazing buildings,” says Traptow. “Calgarians really want to save what they have left. In another 100 years, who knows what they’re going to have.” Traptow and Klingbeil cover a wide range of topics including the archaic terms listed on historic…