37: Smart Contracts Everywhere, with Ivy & Chain.com
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On this episode of BlockChannel, McKie and Dr. Petty sit down with Boyma Fahnbulleh and Dan Robinson from Chain.com. The two of them worked together to create the Ivy smart contracting language built atop the bitcoin scripting system (shoutout to bcoin.io). Boyma also assisted with the buildout and design of the Ivy smart contract playground as well. Individuals can use the Ivy smart contract high-level language to create contracts using bitcoin scripts; creating a specific, more human-readable version of bitcoin scripts by appending a high level language like Ivy has many implications for both simplifying bitcoin contract development, and for making it easier to educate engineers on how bitcoin scripts actually work (reading C++ all day can be very taxing). Dan doesn’t love Bitcoin Cash though; but that’s okay he’ll come around one day, you know engineers — they’re stubborn. Show Links: Ivy Smart Contract Playground: https://ivy-lang.org/bitcoin Chain: http://chain.com Intro/Outro Music “All Time High” by…