22: Tackling the Real Estate Dinosaur, with REX
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On this episode of BlockChannel, McKie is completely solo; he sits down with Stephen and Russel from REX. REX is seeking to cater to the real estate market, using Ethereum and smart contracts to connect home buyers, vendors, and agents from all over the world. Real estate listings and buying homes can be a fairly complex process; their project aims to simplify this process, from listings, to escrow, to closing. These gentleman believe the real estate industry is ripe for a product like theirs. We agree. Show Link(s): REX: http://www.rexmls.com/ REX Blog: https://blog.rexmls.com/ Intro/Outro Music “#FinesseLove” by The Outsiders (prod. by Faruhdey): https://soundcloud.com/outsidersox/finesselove?in=outsidersox/sets/ox2 Show Sponsor(s): ZCash Co: http://z.cash