19: Virtual Land in the Clouds, with Urbit
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On this episode of BlockChannel, McKie, Dee and Dr. Petty put on their hella skeptical caps, and sit down with Galen and Curtis from the Urbit project. Urbit claims/seeks to be a “virtual land in the clouds” that will enable siloed, encapsulated computing environments for users. They believe in a new type of digital freedom; and even the mere mention of freedom gets our American blood boiling with excitement, so of course had to chat and get an in-depth breakdown into crazy new adventure they’re embarking on. Confused? We were, but we’re onboard now. Hopefully you will be too. Show Links: Urbit Website: https://www.urbit.org/ Urbit Blog: https://www.urbit.org/blog/ Ethereum: http://ethereum.org Intro/Outro Music “The Feeling” by Aaron London & Boadi: https://soundcloud.com/boadimusic/the-feeling-prod-by-aaron-london-boadi-1 Show Sponsor(s): Gnosis Prediction Market: http://gnosis.pm