I - EP 010: Makinder Chahal - LGBT Activist
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There is a voice, waiting to be heard all over the world. A voice that we contain the moment it grows louder. A voice that simply wants to rise, connect, and just be – like most of us. Imagine living in a place where we constantly have to watch what we do and how we go about our lives. Most of all, how would it feel to be subjected to a society with taboos and being judged? Well as much as we’d like to think we’ve moved on in the ‘established societies’, we are still burdened with archaic laws and stigmas that have penetrated far and deep. In this episode, we’re talking to Makinder who works with Trade Sexual Health, a UK health charity working with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGB&T) communities. We will talk about Makinder’s journey and conflicts and how it’s high time the LGBT voice rings loud and clear. We are excited to present this episode as The Pride Festival Kicks off in London on 24 June until 9 July 2017. http://www.tradesexualhealth.com