IV - EP 011: Gautam Aggarwal - Cybersecurity (Part 1 of 3)
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December 15, 2018
Recent data breaches by hackers on Airlines and Hotel industries, ransomware attacks on government systems, Billions of dollars of theft through Bank and Swift interface are few of the major challenges Large Corporates, Governments and Individuals around the world faces in this day and age of Cyberspace. The threat of cyber attacks has evolved to such a sophisticated level that they say if World War 3 will be to happen, it will kick off between countries in Cyberspace first. To discuss the importance of Cybersecurity, we met with Gautam Aggarwal, CMO of NSS labs based of Austin, Texas. We are delighted to bring 1st of the 3 part series in conversation with the very passionate and dynamic Gautam Aggarwal.