I - EP 011: Rohini Rathour - Life & Business Coach
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Isn’t it nice if your profession leads to a light bulb moment, bright enough for you to fire up your own business? Well, that’s pretty much how Rohini, an ex-fund manager started her venture. Rohini, an Indian Institute of Management (IIM) alumna figured that while it’s a no brainer to put the buck on established/secure set-ups, it’s the smaller ones with potential that can surely make for promising investments. A life and business coach for corporates, Rohini soon figured that she was also able to offer valuable guidance and support to several bright entrepreneurial individuals that eventually led to success stories. Rohini’s book ‘Leading Ladies’ is an account of some of these of these bright folks. Tune in to hear a transformational story. www.rohini-rathour.co.uk