58: Brian Kelly of Kissmetrics - Conversions and the Launch of Engage
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If you've been around the online marketing space for a while, there's no way that you haven't bumped into Kissmetrics when you're talking about visitor behavior, analyzing key insights or conversion optimization. CEO Brian Kelly is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in bringing software solutions to market. His specialties are analytics, CRM and mobile apps. Brian discusses the limitations and challenges of analytics platforms - announcing the new platform for Kissmetrics that takes insights from their core product (now named Analyze) to produce actionable results in Kissmetrics Engage. Kissmetrics Engage goes beyond the standard call-to-action, putting you a step ahead of the customer journey. These aren’t your standard popups: set these nudges to appear with exact triggers to particular audiences. Want new visitors to see a newsletter lightbox? Greet a campaign audience with a unique banner? Give a special offer to a buyer stalling in your shopping cart? Set it up and test easily with Engage, no IT…