108: Michelle Huff on the Future of Marketing Automation with Artificial Intelligence
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December 20, 2017
As artificial intelligence and machine learning make their way into marketing automation, individualization will become the new personalization. The message, timing, and delivery channel will all be personalized tactics, which will create a demand for individualized marketing experiences. Marketers will be able to take personalization to the next level by using marketing automation to track the behaviors of their buyers and machine learning to identify optimal windows for engagement. We discuss the future of marketing automation with Act-On Software's CMO Michelle Huff, a veteran of the marketing SaaS industry and an expert in marketing automation.Special Guest: Michelle Huff.Sponsored By:DK New MediaIf you’re a marketing and technology firm that isn’t driving leads through your online presence, we can help. We help you develop and execute a digital marketing strategy while educating your staff and providing all the resources. Promo Code: dknewmediaSupport Martech Zone InterviewsLinks:Act-On Software —…