57: Jess Stephens, CMO of SmartFocus on Real-Time Interaction Management
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We’ve had a great relationship with SmartFocus over the years. The Message Cloud by SmartFocus powers many of the world’s largest ecommerce and retail providers’ marketing - from personalized web experiences, to triggered marketing and remarketing, all the way to in-store proximity marketing (that requires no hardware installation). Jess Stephens isn’t just the CMO of SmartFocus, she’s also a leading commerce and retail marketing expert - having sold her Proximity Marketing startup to SmartFocus where it’s integrated into The Message Cloud. Listen to this amazing show and learn why SmartFocus was named a strong performer in the RTIM market. Forrester defines Real-Time Interaction Management (RTIM) as enterprise marketing technology that delivers contextually relevant experiences, value, and utility at the appropriate moment in the customer life cycle via preferred customer touchpoints.