8: Heidi’s Unpopular Book
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Heidi Thompson has released a book all about being unpopular! Check out the website and grab the book here or get it straight from Amazon! Auto-generated Transcript [00:00:00] Welcome to the unpopular podcast Josh with us here. Your host. And today’s episode is about someone that is running an unpopular business but also they help people walk down that path towards unpopularity that is building a niche business. This is so of the wedding industry. But I hope it applies to people outside of as well as the unpopular podcast the whole unpopular deal. It’s not just about wedding industry people it’s about everyone building a missional business. So in this building their business hopefully business be sustainable excitable. And so I thought that today’s guests could just introduce herself. [37.5] [00:00:37] I’m Harry Thompson and I hope wedding professionals grow their businesses without going crazy in the past US going crazy. [8.1] [00:00:46] The fun part. Like why. What all the psychologist going to do when we…