7: Meet An Unpopular Futurologist, James Cridland
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James Cridland is a broadcast radio and podcast speaker, writer, blogger, expert, guru, basically: a futurologist. Although we talk a little about radio, the gist of this episode is about the business of being a thought leader in a niche field. We also discuss bookkeeping and whether or not overuse notices should come from you? Automatically generated transcript Feel free to ignore this, it’s just so the podcast becomes somewhat searchable Siri: [00:00:00] This is unpopular. Josh Withers: [00:00:01] Everyone this is your humble host Josh Withers, welcome to th Unpopular podcast. If you’re listening through your regular podcast on other episodes go to unpopular dog show. And before this week’s episode with James Cridland who’s got a really cool title introduced to in a second I wasn’t in about what’s actually happening on Cnpopular. You see there’s a free blog unpopular. This I see there’s this free podcast and also also the members only blog which is available unpopular education anaphylaxis Alec was on the…