3: An Unpopular Day, James Day
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February 13, 2017
James Day is a good friend of mine, who also happens to be one of the leading wedding photographers in the world. I’ve helped him with lots of business automation and customer journey before today, so before I left his house this morning I had to record a podcast with him! In this episode we talk about sample wedding albums that you leave with wedding vendors and venues, and also automating the photo album process using Gravity Forms and Zapier. Transcript [00:00:00] Hello I’m Josh Withers. This is the unpopular podcast. It’s a podcast from the unpopular community and you could find this podcast already at [00:00:07] unpopular.show [1.1] unpopular.com.au is the membership blog. And there’s a free blog at unpopularity. The idea with this is that we have a church to business people that are friends of mine. We have a chat about their business and how we can lubricate things and make things a little bit better. This is episode three, episode one and two are both from wedding industry people and also from males.…