4: An Unpopular Cup Of Tea (Smith)
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February 19, 2017
Tea and I challenge each other constantly in the spheres of advertising, marketing and DIY business technology. Ultimately, she always wins, but the fight is the main reason I’m here. Enjoy! Auto-generated Transcript Josh Withers: [00:00:00] This is the popular podcast Josh with us here. And joining me today is perthes A very own Tea Smith from Kintsugi. I was really quiet with the pronunciation. Yes. Tell us who Kintsugi is and who you are. Tea Smith: [00:00:16] Old brand new brand. So still it’s been a few years but certainly Agency is something that’s actually funny story I registered the domain six years ago. The name Reddit resonated with me. I sat on it going that’s going to be something one day. And because of the interstate and some licencing issues and stuff I couldn’t use the agency name that I moved across with. So I went oh I need a new name and Kintsugi appears. And it’s actually become quite great it’s about you could edit this out. It’s about the concept you can see is broken pottery that they…