Tunde Wey — Using Food As A Means To Force Hard Conversations To Take Place
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September 25, 2018
Tunde Wey, a Nigerian chef based in New Orleans, is a chef is who focuses on using food to address huge topics like racial inequality. Say what? Yup. He uses food to address systemic race issues in our country and he does a damn good job at it. With names like Saartj, 4:44, Blackness in America, and 1882, you can see immediately deduce that his pop-up restaurants are about much more than food. One of his projects even charged two different amounts depending on whether a white person or a black person was purchasing the meal. You’re going to love how Tunde processes through these issues. As we talked, I started to feel very….heavy I guess is the word. He’s addressing very hard issues. I loved the answer he provided when I told him how I was feeling. Follow Tunde on Instagram and keep up with ever-evolving body of work on his website.____________________________PODCAST SPONSOR!Many thanks to our friends at Goodwell Co. for sponsoring the podcast for the next few weeks! The mission of Goodwell Co. is to create…