Craig Newmark — A Trustworthy Press is the Immune System of Democracy
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You all know my guest and his work very well…whether you know it or not. Without a doubt, you’ve used the service he created many years ago. My guest today is Craig Newmark—the founder and creator of craigslist. Even though he hasn’t been in the daily business of craigslist for over 15 years, that is how he gained his fame and his wealth. What I love about Craig is how he has used his wealth. He is known everywhere as a very generous man. He has given and continue to give away much of his wealth. He does this work through Craig Newmark Philanthropies—a foundation committed to support the people who fight to protect the values that America was founded on: fairness, opportunity and respect. He will talk more about this in our conversation but you’ll notice a pattern in his giving—he cares deeply about journalism and freedom of the press. Last year, he gave $1M to ProPublica. This year, he gave $1M to Mother Jones. Also earlier this year, he gave $20M to City University of New York Graduate School of…