Ceallaigh Anderson Smart — Loving Under-Resourced Communities Through Instant Photographs
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Ceallaigh experienced a massive amount of relational and emotional pain early in her adult life. She shares more about that in our conversation so I won’t get into it here but I wanted to point out here that one of my favorite things about life is that beautiful things are oftentimes birthed out of pain and suffering. I’ve seen this happen over and over and again in my own life. I expect many of you have as well. Out of deep pain, Print the Love was birthed. Print the Love travels to under-resourced countries and communities and gives photographs, not takes them. I’ve traveled a ton—I’ve been to the 48 contiguous United States and I’ve lived in or spent time in over 30 other countries. I have seen my fair share of tourists or do-gooders whipping out their cameras and taking a million photos of the people they are visiting. I’ve done a fair amount of this myself, to be honest. Ceallaigh has flipped this on its head and it’s a beautiful thing. They use those Polaroid instant cameras—you know the ones that spit…