Clara Daly — Be Ready To Give Small Damns Every Day
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Clara Daly is a teenager from Calabasas, CA. She was recently returning from an East Coast trip with her mother, Jane, when the flight attendant asked if anyone knew sign language. You see, there was a blind and deaf man on the flight with whom the flight attendants were having a difficult time communicating. Clara’s willingness to help changed everything on that flight. Several passengers took photos and videos and before long, this story of a damn-giving teenager went viral. No, seriously, google “Clara Daly” and you’ll get pages and pages of results. I wanted to spend a few minutes highlighting Clara’s willingness to help as an encouragement to all the young people out there. Clara is proof that there are opportunities for everyone to love and serve others on a daily basis. It’s up to us to see them and respond. “I’m too young” is not a valid excuse.____________________________THIS WEEK’S SPONSOR:We are wrapping up a 7-week sponsorship with our friends at Scout Books. All LGAD listeners can get 15% off an…