Chelsea Clinton — Being A Person Of Inaction Is Not An Option
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Last week, I sat down with Chelsea Clinton in an elementary school conference room while she was on tour to promote her most recent book, She Persisted Around the World: 13 Women Who Changed History. We briefly discussed a trip she and President Clinton took a few years ago with my friends at World Vision to see completed and uncompleted water projects in Rwanda and Myanmar. We chat about being people of action, about raising children well in this volatile political and societal climate, and we talk about legacy. All in all, this was an incredible honor and a great experience. Chelsea is a fantastic human and I’m honored to know her. Follow her on Twitter to see some of her compassionate and kind replies to trolls. It’s encouraging!If you have young children, buy her books! Actually, no matter who you are, buy her books. Everyone needs to be reminded of some of the amazing women—in America and around the world—who have changed history. If you plan to purchase the books, consider using the following links…