Carlos A. Rodríguez — Love Thy Neighbor
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You know how when bad things happen around the world and you decide to say something about it on social media, express concern, or raise some money for that cause? Then along comes a troll that says, “If you care so much about it, why don’t you move there?” Has that ever happened to you? It happens to me quite often. Well, my guest this week did just that. Today, you’ll get to hear my convo with Carlos Rodriguez who moved his family to Puerto Rico last week so they can more proactively help and serve the amazing, resilient Puerto Rican people as they rebuild. We talk about his family, his faith, the “Love Thy Neighbor” t-shirt he sent me last week, Happy Sonship, The Happy Givers, and what he aims to accomplish by moving to Puerto Rico. Also, he wants you to visit. No seriously, you’ll hear more details in our chat but he clearly wants some of y’all to take him up on that offer. Learn more about Carlos at Happy Sonship. Buy a tee, tote, or hat at The Happy Givers to support their incredible work. And make…