Dwayne Reed — “Every Child Deserves To Be Warmly Greeted” & Other Nuggets of Wisdom From The Hip-Hop Teacher
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“Every child deserves to be warmly greeted, to have their name used positively, and to be hugged, high-fived, hand-shaked, or at least smiled at by their teacher, daily. This is the bare minimum.” My guest today tweeted these words recently. I, a father of 3 children, couldn’t agree more.Dwayne Reed is a teacher in Chicago. While most teachers were preparing their beginning-of-the-school-year letter for their students, Dwayne decided to make a music video, instead. That video has been viewed over 1.5M times. Big brands and collaborated with him since then. Additionally, a few famous people also saw and loved the video. Pharrell even tweeted about it the other day!But Dwayne is more than a viral music video. As displayed in the tweet above, he loves and cares for his students so deeply. And this love and care has changed these kids! You’ll hear much more about his story and his work in our chat.Follow Dwayne on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with the great work he is…