Nick Laparra — Wrapping Up Season Two!
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In this Season 2 finale episode, I chat with you, my dear friends! Well, we’re not really chatting. But I am speaking directly to you. Season 2 has been extraordinary! In this episode, I recap our amazing guests like Rainn Wilson, Timothy Sykes, Andrea Geubelle, Jamie Tworkwoski, and so many more! I also share what I’ll be doing in between seasons and I share a brief challenge based on quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dr. Loretta Scott. We have so many amazing things planned for the future and I’m grateful for your time and attention! If you’d like to keep up with what we’re doing at Let’s Give A Damn while you wait for Season 3, make sure to follow us on Facebook,Twitter, & Instagram. Also, don’t forget to join our weekly email list. Additionally, you can support the work we are doing over at Patreon. We’re grateful for your financial contributions! Lastly, If you like this show, please write a review on iTunes or whoever you listen to your podcasts. This will help us stand out in the crowd and get…