Jason Adkins — Giving A Damn Is About What You Do, Not How You Feel
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Jason Adkins raises chickens, goats, pigs in the middle of Nashville! No joke. He also grows mushrooms, many types of vegetables, and many types of plants right in the middle of Nashville. Essentially, he and his team at Trevecca University have created a food oasis in the middle of a food desert. Truly amazing! You see, Jason teaches environmental justice, urban farming, and so much more to undergrad students in Nashville, TN. In our chat, Jason and I discuss the impact the foods we consume are having on the planet. We discuss the state of farming in America and around the world. I ask the question, “Have you screwed up the earth beyond a point of no return?” Jason gives a grim but hopeful answer. I truly enjoyed my chat with Jason. I hope you’ll listen, become a little terrified, but leave full of hope that we can and should do something about the foods we eat and how we get those foods.If you come to Trevecca University and pursue a major in Social Justice, you’ll get to sit under the leadership of Jason…