Brett Hagler — Start By Changing One Person’s World
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In this episode, I sit down to chat with the 26 year old CEO of New Story Charity, Brett Hagler. Join us for a few minutes as we talk about how he ended up creating a non-profit startup in one of the most competitive cities in America. You’ll hear about his upbringing, some struggles, and how New Story Charity is impacting the world. You’ll even get to hear a little bit about what they’re doing to help the people of Haiti after the recent hurricane that left thousands homeless. Ready? Let’s go! Learn more about New Story Charity. Also, find them on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook. Follow Brett on Twitter, too. Follow LGAD on Facebook,Twitter, & Instagram. Join our weekly email list! You’ll get an email once-per-week with stories of people who are giving a damn and you’ll also get the latest news about the podcast. HELP US SPREAD THE WORD! If you like this show, please subscribe in iTunes and write a review. This will help us stand out in the crowd and get into the ears and lives of more listeners. Can’t wait…