32: Go Figure
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September 13, 2014
We’re back with knees and gay marriage. And constitutional scholar Lori Ringhand. In the battle between recliners and knee defenders, Joe tells us the real enemy is the airline who has sold the same space twice. Somehow nose-punching, rapid window shade flipping, and the high arctic figure into the discussion. Turning to Judge Posner’s smackdown of midwestern marriage bans, we start with style: is there such a thing as too much smack? Then we turn to the really interesting bit, Posner’s reimagining of judicial scrutiny of discrimination. Also: speed traps. This show’s links: Lori Ringhand’s faculty profile, books, and articles Episode 31: Knee Defender, in which we first spoke of the airplane seat reclining controversy Neil Buchanan, Airplane Seatbacks, the Coase Theorem, and Simplistic Solutions to Difficult Questions Josh Barro, Don’t Want Me to Recline My Airline Seat? You Can Pay Me Katia Hetter, Seat Recline Fight Diverts Another Flight Baskin v. Bogan, Judge Posner’s opinion for the Seventh Circuit…