12: Heart of Darkness
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The U.S. News rankings of law schools are out! We wish they would go away. After follow-up on last week’s episode and a dip into viewer mail, we discuss what problems the rankings might be attempts to solve, how they are calculated, and the obvious problems with them. Joe reports that after the conversation, as after other discussions of the rankings, he felt like he needed a shower. This show’s links: Episode 11: Big Red Diesel Typography in ten minutes from Butterick’s Practical Typography, see also his Summary of Key Rules Ben Carter, Typography for Lawyers: One Space, Double Spacing, and Other Good Ideas The 2015 U.S. News and World Report Law School Rankings LSAC, Choosing a Law School The official U.S. News Rankings Methodology Brian Leiter, An Open Letter to Bob Morse of U.S. News Brian Leiter, The U.S. News Law School Rankings: A Guide for the Perplexed Theodore P. Seto, Understanding the U.S. News Law School Rankings, in which Prof. Seto describes an attempt to reproduce the U.S. News model and…