54: No Throttling
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Christian finds himself among two telecommunications and IP experts, Joe and guest Aaron Perzanowski, to discuss the FCC’s recently issued regulations mandating some form of “net neutrality” on broadband internet providers. Will these regulations hold up? Why does your cable company want to provide you with “antivirus” software? What did we receive in the mail last week? Which listener thinks we’re full of it? It’s all in this week’s show. This show’s links: Aaron Perzanowski’s faculty profile and writing Episode 52 and Episode 53 on King v. Burwell William Baude, Could Obama Bypass the Supreme Court?, and Michael Dorf, Obama Wouldn’t Circumvent SCOTUS on Subsidies We’ve reached North Dakota! Our earlier shows on net neutrality: Episode 49, Episode 16 (with Jim Speta), and Episode 10 (with Christina Mulligan) About the FCC’s Open Internet Order Download page for the Open Internet Order and Commissioner statements About the FCC Computer Inquiries of the 1960s and 1970s AT&T v. City of Portland National Cable…