65: We Can Call It Awesome
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Big week. Let’s just call this one our second annual Supreme Court round-up, where, naturally, we focus on only two cases: gay marriage and Obamacare II. It’s made awesome by our special guest, Steve Vladeck. This show’s links: Steve Vladeck’s faculty profile and writing Oral Argument 22: Nine Brains in a Vat (guest Dahlia Lithwick) Obergefell v. Hodges Oral Argument 40: The Split Has Occurred (about Judge Sutton’s gay marriage opinion) and Oral Argument 32: Go Figure (guest Lori Ringhand) (about Judge Posner’s gay marriage opinion), both episodes containing ample links concerning the issue San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez Oral Argument 30: A Filled Milk Caste, containing discussion and links concerning United States v. Carolene Products Co. Brown v. Board of Education; see also What Brown v. Board of Education Should Have Said (Jack Balkin, ed.) Town of Greece v. Galloway; Kimble v. Marvel Entertainment Reed v. Reed Boumediene v. Bush Lochner v. New York; Dred Scott v. Sanford King v.…