62: Viewer Mail
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It’s just Joe and Christian this week, clearing out viewer mail. We discuss our show, Kerbal Space Program, the bar exam, Virginia’s bar exam dress code, follow-up on ExamSoft, licensing and control, probability, the Monty Hall problem, and being hit by meteors. This show’s links: Kerbal Space Program (and see, e.g., this video tutorial by the Scott Manley) Temma Ehrenfeld, Should You Knit? Randall Munroe, Orbital Mechanics on xkcd.com David Letterman’s Viewer Mail and the Pyramid of Comedy Oral Argument 61: Minimum Competence Daniel Solove, The Multistate Bar Exam as a Theory of Law Virginia Board of Bar Examiners, Mandatory Dress Code (compare with the Georgia bar exam’s Dress Code) Nicholas L. Georgakopoulos, Visualizing Trials with Large DNA Databases Oral Argument 45: Sacrifice About the Monty Hall problem