8: Party All Over the World
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February 15, 2014
Fresh off a week-long, snow and ice shutdown, Joe tells Christian he doesn’t want to be called Adam Smith anymore. We discuss viewer mail. Then we circle back to the emerging show specialty: whether you can be charged for warning drivers of a speed trap. Turns out it’s a debate that sprawls over more than a hundred years. We also talk about leveling up one’s understanding of law, from bare opinions about disputes to theories of institutional assignment. Roll for initiative: it’s time for Oral Argument. This show’s links: Electric Light Orchestra, Party All Over the World Robbie Robertson’s mash-up masterpiece: On the nature of daylight / This Bitter Earth Email us at [email protected] Oral Argument Episode 7: Speed Trap United States v. O’Brien DiPino v. Davis Wikipedia on Liebeck v. McDonald’s (the hot coffee case) INS v. AP