105: Bismarck’s Raw Material
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With returning guest Tim Meyer, we talk about Brexit. Topics include referenda, democracy, comic book villains, the dynamics of union and separation, treaties and executive actions, Iceland, the roles of crisis and convenience. And a dramatic technical difficulty. This show’s links: Tim Meyer’s faculty profile Oral Argument 2: Bust a Deal, Face the Wheel (guest Tim Meyer) About the treaties and protocols of the European Union Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty (aka the Treaty on European Union) Laurence Helfer, Exiting Treaties Timothy Meyer, Power, Exit Costs, and Renegotiation in International Law Owen Bowcott, Theresa May Does Not Intend to Trigger Article 50 This Year, Court Told About the royal prerogative in the United Kingdom Scot Peterson, A Flexible Constitution Is Not Comforting in Troubled Times Iain Watson, EU Referendum Petition Signed by More than 2.5m About the US-Iraq Status of Forces Agreement About the UK Human Rights Act of 1998 (and its relation to the European Convention on Human Rights);…