91: Baby Blue
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In a world where a single power controlled the language of justice itself, one man (well, several people and a bunch of students, but anyway) rose up to … produce a free guide to the standardized practices of legal citation. Copyright scholar Chris Sprigman joins us to talk about two of his projects: Baby Blue, the open guide to legal citation, and the Restatement of Copyright. Our conversation: about Baby Blue (0:01:33), what in the Bluebook might be copyrightable (0:10:07), trademark and the two manuals’ names and colors (0:23:44), simplification of citation (0:39:43), and the Restatement of Copyright (0:56:52). This show’s links: Chris Sprigman’s faculty profile, twitter, and writing Baby Blue: web page and PDF Oral Argument 88: The Blue Line The Bluebook Links to correspondence between lawyers for The Bluebook and others and the Baby Blue team Zotero and Papers The University of Chicago’s Citation Management for Law Students; Georgetown’s Bluebook Citation Resources and Detailed Feature Comparison Cory…