59: Folly Bridges
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Friend of the show and “Freaks and Geeks” extra Sarah Schindler returns to join us live at Oral Argument World Headquarters to talk about the exclusion we impose not through law but through building and architecture. We make an outdoor party of it with very special guests Paul Heald, Jessica Owley, and Justin Steil. (With so many of us gathered around three microphones, forgive us for a little more unevenness in levels than usual.) This show’s links: Sarah Schindler’s faculty profile and writing Oral Argument 4: Grow a Pear Sarah Schindler, Architectural Exclusion Our guest hosts: Paul Heald (Paul’s writing), Jessica Owley (Jesse’s writing), and Justin Steil (Justin’s writing) About Robert Moses and his low bridges Nicholas Blomley, Traffic Logic and Political Logic About NEPA and environmental impact statements Robin Malloy, Inclusion by Design, Thinking Beyond a Civil Rights Paradigm Washington v. Davis Benjamin Mueller, In Connecticut, Breaking a Barrier Between a Suburb and Public Housing Barton Hinkle,…