115: Gonna Work? (Live at the Tech Law Institute)
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We made a return to the annual Tech Law Institute meeting in Atlanta and recorded a live episode about self-driving cars. We talked optimism, pessimism, political valence, regulatory challenges, federalism, trolley problems, and more. This show’s links: Oral Argument 80: We’ll Do It LIVE! NHTSA, Federal Automated Vehicles Policy RAND, Autonomous Vehicle Technology: A Guide for Policymakers Duncan Black, some posts on self-driving cars: Not Gonna Work, No One Will Listen to Me, Spot the Key Phrase, “the revolutionary transportation technology”…. Chris Martin and Joe Ryan, Super-Cheap Driverless Cabs to Kick Mass Transit to the Curb Tesla, All Tesla Cars Being Produced Now Have Full Self-Driving Hardware (announcement includes a vide demonstration) About Tesla’s Autopilot feature (also Tesla’s page on Autopilot) Alex Davies, Everyone Wants a Level 5 Self-Driving Car – Here’s What That Means Oral Argument 102: Precautionary Federalism (guest Sarah Light) Michael Dorf, Should Self-Driving Cars Be Mandatory? Oral…