158: Ethical Form of Life
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We find ourselves in a moment of untruth. Our guest, Brad Wendel, talks with us about political and legal truth and their relation to morality and social roles. This show’s links: Brad Wendel's faculty profile and writing W. Bradley Wendel, Truthfulness as an Ethical Form of Life Harry Frankfurt, On Bullshit Bernard Williams, Saint-Just's Illusion (also here) Kleindienst v. Mandel Stephen Colbert, The Word: Truthiness (video from the first episode of the Colbert Report, and it's still unbelievably great) International Refugee Assistance Project v. Trump (4th Circuit en banc) Ninth Circuit's denial of en banc consideration in Washington v. Trump (containing Judge Bybee's dissent) State Bar of Michigan, Informal Ethics Opinion CI-1164 Bernard Williams, Truth and Truthfulness Cynthia Farina, et al., Rulemaking in 140 Characters or Less: Social Networking and Public Participation in Rulemaking Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt W. Bradley Wendel, Sally Yates, Ronald Dworkin, and the Best View of the Law Fireside