11: Big Red Diesel
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The Spring Break episode in which Joe and Christian take a break from solving the world’s legal problems to talk about the technology and culture of writing. We start with some listener feedback, and then Joe reports on an accidental experiment he performed with his car lights. Moving on to email, we discuss a number of bad habits, including needless attachments and clicking on links. Then, the big daddy: Microsoft Word. We discuss what Christian thinks is horribly wrong with it and the excellent, usable alternative to the whole concept of the WYSIWYG word processor. We argue. We close with Memphis. Christian's spouse conducts various noisy activities in the background. And Darcy barks. Never fear: we'll get back to the law stuff next week. This show’s links: Episode 1 with Sonja West Charlie Jane Anders, Great Fast Food Glasses of Yesteryear Wikipedia on Headlight flashing Please don’t send me Microsoft Word document John Gruber, On Top John Gruber, Markdown David Sparks, The Joy of Text Paul Jacobson,…