13: A Special Place in Hell for Joe
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Our guest, Dave Hoffman, writes about everything and helped to found one of the premier legal blogs, Concurring Opinions. We talk about the role of legal blogs in the public sphere and for the academy. And speaking of writing, what’s wrong with legal scholarship? What should we be doing, and how can the forms of writing, the fora for writing, and the expectations for scholars help or hinder that? Also, too, the return to the show of speed trap law and whether Joe satisfies the basic norms of civility. This show’s links: David Hoffman’s bio and writing Concurring Opinions Prawfsblawg Cultural Cognition Project Dave Hoffman, The Death of Fact-finding and the Birth of Truth Duncan Black (Atrios) on law profs here, here, and here Matt Bodie for Prawfsblawg, The “Research Canons” Project David Freeman Engstrom, The 'Twiqbal' Puzzle and Empirical Study of Civil Procedure About SSRN, the Social Science Research Network About B.E. Press, the Berkeley Electronic Press ResearchGate The Murder of Kitty Genovese The…