37: Hammer Blow
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What do the federal appeals courts’ striking down of same-sex marriage bans actually mean for marriage equality in the states? Are the state courts bound to follow these decisions while the Supreme Court pursues other interests? Well, Christian got this completely wrong last week, and luckily Michael Dorf is on the line to set us straight. Knowledge bombs galore are dropped. This show’s links: Michael Dorf’s profile, his writing, and his world-famous blog Dorf on Law Amicus, the new Slate podcast by Dahlia Lithwick Oral Argument 36: Firehose of Equality, the last episode in which Anthony Kreis was terrific and Christian made an error that led to this show Michael Dorf, No Massive Resistance to Same-Sex Marriage from South Carolina Michael Dorf, The Relative Importance of Inter-Circuit Conflict and State-Circuit Conflict as Cert Criteria About claim preclusion and nonmutual issue preclusion; United States v. Mendoza (holding that issue preclusion does not apply against the federal government) Colin Wrabley,…