75: Air Gap
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September 18, 2015
We start with some feedback and thoughts on the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, criminal law, and Christian’s brush with Upstream Color greatness. Also Joe’s thank-you notes. Then we’re joined by Mary Ellen O’Connell to talk about international law, weapons, hacking, Stuxnet, war, and killer robots. Mary Ellen maintains that the law we have is perfectly capable of dealing with what seem like new challenges. This show’s links: Mary Ellen O’Connell’s faculty profile and writing Danielle Allen, Our Declaration The Declaration of Independence Upstream Color Dan Goodin, Meet “badBIOS,” the Mysterious Mac and PC Malware that Jumps Airgaps Oral Argument 70: No Drones in the Park (guest Frank Pasquale) Mary Ellen O’Connell, 21st Century Arms Control Challenges: Drones, Cyber Weapons, Killer Robots, and WMDs About Stuxnet Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, including Article 51, which Mary Ellen references Mary Ellen O’Connell, Banning Autonomous Killing Special Guest: Mary Ellen…