46: Noncompetes on Steroids
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Leave your company, take your ideas, and go to jail. Ok, maybe it’s not always that extreme, but we talk with Orly Lobel, author of Talent Wants to Be Free, about the laws that govern the minds and ideas of employees. From noncompete agreements, to trade secrets, to the illegal talent cartels of Silicon Valley, Orly helps us understand the field she calls “human capital law.” But we start, of course, with woodchippers, North Dakota, and seat recliners. This show’s links: Orly Lobel’s faculty profile and writing The Woodchipper in Fargo Exhibit (and on Facebook) The Smoking Gun’s collection of performers’ backstage riders Orly Lobel, Talent Wants to Be Free, Orly’s new book on competition, secrecy, motivation, and creativity, examining companies lie Google, JetBlue, and Mattel (Amazon or IndieBound) Orly Lobel, The New Cognitive Property Mattel v. MGA Entertainment, the Barbie vs. Bratz case PepsiCo v. Redmond About the Uniform Trade Secrets Act Ronald Gilson, The Legal Infrastructure of High Technology…