107: Unleash the Joe
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A special live-to-tape dig through the mailbag. This show’s links: Christian’s Modern American Legal Theory audio downloads (paste this into your podcast app: http://www.hydratext.com/malt2016?format=rss) Episodes relevant to driverless cars: No Drones in the Park (guest Frank Pasquale and Sense-Think-Act (guest Ryan Calo) Jonathan Masur’s episode: All over the Gander SustainAtlanta Oral Argument 74: Minimum Curiosity (guest Amanda Frost) More Perfect (a side project of Radiolab) Oral Argument 77: Jackasses Are People Too (guest Adama Kolber) Oral Argument 44: Serial Sarah Koenig, Judge Orderns New Trial for Adnan Syed (containing a link and embedded version of the opinion and order granting Syed a new trial) Oral Argument 69: Contaminated Evidence (guest Brandon Garrett); Oral Argument 48: Legal Truth (guest Lisa Kern Griffin); Oral Argument 45: Sacrifice Kathryn Rubino, Did Georgia Just Poison Bar Exam Test Takers?; Oral Argument 61: Minimum Competence (guest Derek Muller) Oral Argument 21: Kind of a…