145: The Skeleton
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September 8, 2017
Back after a long hiatus, we talk about Joe’s latest work on patent law and Supreme Court citations networks. Opening a banana, the opening of corpse flowers, the eclipse, news non-roundup, DACA and naming, and, finally, Joe’s paper, examining the steep increase in patent cases before the Supreme Court over the last two decades by mapping citation networks among intellectual property cases, at 20:02. This show’s links: Joseph Miller, Which Supreme Court Cases Influenced Recent Supreme Court IP Decisions? A Citation Study How to peel a banana Three Corpse Flowers Bloomed at USBG in 2017 Fred Espenak, Periodicity of Solar Eclipses About Predestination (which is based on All You Zombies by Robert Heinlein) (Warning: Do Not Read the Plot Summary, just see the movie) About Saturday morning cartoon preview specials About the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Court Listener’s Supreme Court Citation Networks tool Scott Dodson and Colin Starger, Mapping Supreme Court Doctrine: Civil Pleading (Starger’s other…