136: The Coase of Copyright
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With Zahr Said, we discuss what makes creative works similar and the role of the “reader” in constructing a work’s meaning. Christian derails with a James Bond commercial. But we get back on track and talk about paintings, poems, Star Wars, textualism, and the Big Sick. This show’s links: Zahr Said’s faculty profile and writing Zahr Said, A Transactional Theory of the Reader in Copyright Law Joseph Miller, Hoisting Originality About Louise Rosenblatt Oral Argument 132: The Soul of Music (guest Joe Fishman) Joseph Fishman, Music as a Matter of Law Mark A. Lemley, Our Bizarre System for Proving Copyright Infringement Shyamkrishna Balganesh, The Normativity of Copying in Copyright Law Laura Heymann, Reading Together and Apart: Juries, Courts, and Substantial Similarity in Copyright Law Jacob Lawrence, The Studio Rebecca Tushnet, Worth a Thousand Words: The Images of Copyright Law Adrienne Rich, Turbulence The Big Sick Special Guest: Zahr Said.