39: The Ayn Rand Nightmare
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It’s our ebola episode. You know, I think that’s description enough. This show’s links: Fazal Khan’s profile and his writing Our U.S. News rankings episode, Heart of Darkness More on the debate about state courts’ following federal circuit courts (relevant to the gay marriage rulings) that arose during our episodes with Michael Dorf and with Steve Vladeck: (1) a post by Michael Dorf, (2) a post by Steve Vladeck, and (3) a post by Christian Turner About Ebola virus diseased and about Ebola in the United States The CDC’s information page on Ebola transmission and Review of Human-to-Human Transmission of Ebola Virus Michael Dorf, Is There Any Risk of Ebola Transmission from an Asymptomatic Person? EM Leroy et al., Human Asymptomatic Ebola Infection and Strong Inflammatory Response Gostin, Hodge, and Burris, Is the United States Prepared for Ebola Tavernise, Shear, and Cooper (for the NY Times), Seeking Unity, U.S. Revises Ebola Monitoring Rules Laura Donohue, Biodefense and Constitutional Constraints (an…