47: Making Lisa So Mad
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We clear the docket while enjoying some listener-provided coffee. Topics include coffee roasting, listener feedback, the Oral Argument roadshow, and a recent decision on the taxation of egg donors. This show’s links: Two Story Coffeehouse Rene Stutzman, Lawsuits by Drivers Ticketed for Flashing Headlights Produce Change, No Money The Madigan Memorial Hospital, Houlton, Maine (jpeg) Oral Argument on Twitter and on Facebook Oral Argument 45: Sacrifice, on which we discussed Nicholas Georgakopoulos’s email on reasonable doubt Derek Muller’s invitation to make a stop at Pepperdine Law on the Oral Argument road show, which stop is imagined in this photo: Oral Argument 14: The Astronaut’s Hair (guest Lisa Milot) and Oral Argument 17: Flesh List (guest Kim Krawiec) Perez v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue Lisa Milot, What Are We - Laborers, Factories, or Spare Parts? The Tax Treatment of Transfers of Human Body Materials Taxing Eggs, a mini-symposium on the Faculty Lounge blog Margaret Jane Radin, Property and…