45: Sacrifice
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After beginning with, let’s face it, nonsense, we respond to listener feedback (beginning at 8:30) on, among other topics, speed traps, Serial, and Judge Edwards’ critique of legal scholarship. We wind up discussing reasonable doubt and probability (beginning at about 30:00). This show’s links: Judge John Hodgman Episode 18: Oral Argument (with Tom Goldstein), featuring Josh Stein’s paper Richard Stallman’s info packet Episode 44: Serial Natasha Vargas-Cooper, Jay, Key Witness from “Serial” Tells His Story for First Time, parts one, two, and three Slate’s Serial Spoiler Special podcast discussing the Jay interviews Ezra Klein, Serial Revisited Susan Simpson’s The View from LL2 blog Rene Stutzman, Lawsuits by Drivers Ticketed for Flashing Headlights Produce Change, No Money Episode 43: Some Stuff I Like and Some Stuff I Don’t, featuring some speed trap discussion and our discussion of Judge Edwards’ critique of legal scholarship Gross, O’Brien, Hu, and Kennedy, Rate of False Conviction of Criminal Defendants…