150: Shutting Down Hal
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We talk with Christina Mulligan about the salutary effects of smashing robots that have wronged you. Join us for a chat about revenge and satisfaction in the emerging human-robot social space. This show’s links: Christina Mulligan's faculty profile and writing Christina Mulligan, Revenge Against Robots About Betty Smith's A Tree Grows in Brooklyn About the Tree that Owns Itself The Trial of the Autun Rats Oral Argument 70: No Drones in the Park Scott Hershovitz, Tort as a Substitute for Revenge Kate Darling, Palash Nandy, and Cynthia Breazeal, Empathic Concern and the Effect of Stories in Human-Robot Interaction; Kate Darling, "Who's Johnny?" Anthropomorphic Framing in Human-Robot Interaction, Integration, and Policy Office Space, the printer scene (nsfw) Hunter Walk, Amazon Echo Is Magical. It’s Also Turning My Kid into an Asshole. Hannah Gold, This Mirror that Forces People to Smile Is Going to Piss Everyone Off Special Guest: Christina Mulligan.