86: The Further Freedoming
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Joe shook off the plague and won a major prize all in one week. In celebration, we debate and discuss the lottery, choosing numbers, and the endowment “effect.” Into the mailbag we go and discuss our Speluncean episodes, an executioner’s privilege, robotic burritos and sandwiches, engineering happiness and social welfare functions, school funding, freedom, bro country, speed trap brief return, Canadian real estate as political barometer, the rougiest judge, knitting, and the Re-Framing. This show’s links: Gregory Klass and Kathryn Zeiler, Against Endowment Theory: Experimental Economics and Legal Scholarship Oral Argument Hymn 1 and Hymn 2 Regina v. Dudley and Stephens (and more about the case) Robot or Not burritos Christian List, Social Choice Theory (in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) Vox’s The Weeds podcast Gannon v. State (and Trevor Graff and John Eligon, Court Orders Kansas Legislature to Spend More on Schools) San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez About bro country Oral…