79: He Said It Peabody Well
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When we do a Supreme Court term preview, we of course turn to Slate’s amazing Dahlia Lithwick, and then we proceed not to discuss the upcoming term. We begin with a whirlwind fourteen minutes of feedback on, among other things, an index for the show, the Cyberloquium, the potential for classes in our goofy style, the North Dakotan listening trend, listening while cooking, the possibility of a Dworkin episode, surname vs. last name, the use of “antepenultimate,” the dearth of recent speed trap law discussion, and a tease further discussion of law and morals. With Dahlia, we then talk about the Supreme Court’s new rule on standing in line for oral arguments, what it means when the Court does things that are not manifest in written opinions, the idea of Supreme Court previews, and looking ahead. This show’s links: Dahlia Lithwick’s page, featuring her recent writing and podcasting, at Slate Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick Oral Argument and the Oral Argument Index The brand new Narrowest Grounds blog The Supreme…