2: Bust a Deal, Face the Wheel
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Three episodes means we’ve got a show. This week we talk with coffee guzzler and international law expert Tim Meyer. We start with odd coffee habits. Then we ask what international law is. Is it even law? What is law? From there we cover commands and threats, the WTO, the modern framework of international law, and the difference between hard law and soft law. Tim proposes ditching a dinner with Joe. Did you know the London Group doesn’t meet in London? And why would anyone make an agreement they couldn’t hold you to? This show’s links: Tim Meyer’s faculty profile and writing The World Trade Organization John Austin (and the command theory) Youngstown Sheet and Tube v. Sawyer Cooter, Marks, and Mnoonkin, Bargaining in the Shadow of the Law, 11 J. L. Stud. 225 (1982) The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties Wikipedia page on the UN Convention on Climate Change (includes a link to the text) The Kyoto Protocol Andrew T. Guzman and Timothy Meyer, International Soft Law, 2 Journal of Legal Analysis (2011)…